Sunday, February 15, 2009

There is no substitute for a first hand experience

I often encourage people to take the "Pray, Give, Go" model and turn it upside down. We don't need to pray too much about James 1:27. If you are ready to go...but not sure where to begin, maybe it's time to give us a call. As we partner with many groups throughout the year who arrange trips to Ethiopia, let us know if you are ready to take the trip. We are also prepared to help you lead a trip of your own. Feel free to call or email us.

Dave McIlrath, MA
Orphan Advocate


Amber said...


We just got home a few days ago and are still not on normal time. Thank you for helping us arrange our stay at the guest home. John was absolutely amazing and took good care of us and went above and beyond the call of duty. If it weren't for him I don;t know how I would have gotten through a rough week!

Amy said...

Hi Rae- it was so great meeting you yesterday at McDonalds! :0) I love meeting other adoptive families! Just wanted to tell you that your guest house looks amazing and I love your vision for it. I will be sure to pass the information on to other families I know heading to Ethiopia! ;0) Amy

mpmi said...

How cool. I found your site on Google. I love your site as it is what I represent on my site. Helping people to give and loving Ethiopia. Funny, I am a follower on Amy's site. She is amazing. I tried to follow you but did not see the option for following. Know that I am now a big fan.